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Ethical Decision Making


Humber River Hospital Ethics Framework


Download the Humber River Hospital Ethics Framework

An ethics framework articulates an organization’s approach to identifying, managing, and addressing ethics-related issues and concerns. The literature along with experience of ethicists in other organizations demonstrates that an effective ethics framework should be strategically aligned, integrated, sustainable, and accountable. It should be aligned with the organization’s strategic directions. It should be designed structurally to integrate ethics into daily decisions and actions from the front-line to the boardroom. It should be sustained by measurable individual and organizational commitment and with the necessary resources. Finally, it should be enabled with formal accountability in the organizational structure.

Humber River Hospital (HRH) is dedicated to providing optimal patient care. Over the years, ethics has increasingly been recognized as a key component of high quality patient care, organizational decision-making and practice, and research in health organizations. As a result, HRH implemented a comprehensive ethics framework to support staff, board members, clients, families, academics and researchers in addressing ethics-related issues and concerns. The IDEA tool for ethical decision-making, including a Guide and Worksheet, is used by our community to guide ethical decision-making on a daily basis.


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