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Volunteer Opportunities


Humber River Hospital offers a variety of volunteer opportunities across all 3 sites. Here are just a few of the ways you can make a difference: 

Patient Support

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting patients through their hospital experience on inpatient units and in outpatient clinics. 


On an inpatient unit, volunteers enhance the patient experience by:

• Providing one-on-one visits with patients

• Assisting patients at mealtime

• Facilitating recreational activities

 *New - this role is also available at the Reactivation Care Centre*


In our outpatient clinics and surgical area, volunteers assist by:

• Greeting patients as they arrive

• Escorting patients and providing information

• Providing emotional support and comfort measures for patients


Visitors & Public

Our team of Lobby Services Volunteers provide information and directional support to patients, visitors and community members as they arrive to the hospital.

These volunteers assist by:

• Greeting and escorting patients and visitors throughout the hospital

• Assisting with patient inquiry phone calls, and providing hospital information


Retail Services

The Volunteer Association manages the Gift Shop in the hospital. Volunteers assist in the daily operation of this retail service by:

• Welcoming patients, families and visitors

• Assisting customers in the selection and purchase of items

• Selling OLG tickets


Specialty Services: Talent Sharing

Volunteers with special talents enhance our patients' experience through music, art, knitting and other recreational activities. If you have a special talent in any of these areas, or additional talents not listed, please provide details in your volunteer application.

*New - this role is also available at the Reactivation Care Centre* 

Patient Care Reinvented.