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Home Dialysis Services


Home Hemodialysis Unit (Church Site - Main Floor)


Home Hemodialysis provides patients with a number of treatment options that can be self-administered at home. The program is designed for patients who would like to maintain an independent and active lifestyle, and have more control over their treatment.

Patients and their families learn how to perform dialysis using equipment provided by the hospital, and supplies which are delivered to the patients’ homes each month free of charge. Sessions are arranged based on the patient’s individual needs and usually occur over several weeks. We have a specially designed home-training area, and use a range of educational materials and learning tools that facilitate individual learning styles. This program is managed by an experienced multidisciplinary team consisting of a kidney specialist, registered nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and social workers.
After completing the training phase, patients and their care givers continue to receive medical support and close monitoring by a home dialysis nurse who evaluates the patient’s response to treatment, blood work and medications on an ongoing basis. Patients visit the clinic for evaluation every two or three months, or as recommended by their nephrologist.


The Nephrology team can assist patients, if needed, to decide which of the following three home hemodialysis options best fits their lifestyle:

  • Conventional Home Hemodialysis - performed three to four times per week for four hours. This option allows patients the flexibility to do their dialysis treatments at home during the day or evening rather than travel to the dialysis centre.
  • Short Daily Home Hemodialysis - performed five to seven times per week for two to three hours. 
  • Nocturnal Home Hemodialysis - involves long, slow treatments done at night over six to eight hours while the patient sleeps, leaving their day time free to pursue other activities such as work or school. Treatments can be every other night or up to seven nights a week depending on what the doctor prescribes. A partner may or may not be required. This is the best alternative to kidney transplantation. 

Dialysis is lifesaving, but at the same time it can become a burden for patients and families to come to the hospital for several hours, multiple times a week. When patients receive treatment at home they can have a better quality of life. Patients and family members can be trained to perform the hemodialysis treatment at home, but many are not capable or confident in their ability to manage their treatment on their own.


That’s why Humber River Hospital pioneered the PSW-Supported Home Hemodialysis pilot program before this model was adopted and funded by the province. Similarly to how a patient or family member would receive training, Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are taught by the home dialysis team to perform the patient’s dialysis treatments in their home. This PSW program provides an essential service to patients who cannot perform the treatments independently and may have no one able or willing to assist. The goal is to restore a sense of normalcy to the patient’s life while also being cost-effective for the healthcare system.


After the successful initial trial at Humber, the Ontario Renal Network (ORN) with the approval of the Ministry of Health has decided to expand the PSW pilot program to 8 hospitals in Ontario for another 1-2 years. At Humber alone, sixteen patients are currently dialyzing at home with the help of a PSW.


Home Peritoneal Dialysis (Church site – Main floor)


Patients can perform peritoneal dialysis treatments at home, at work or while traveling. This is the easiest method of home dialysis, and most patients and families can learn it in less than one week. We also connect patients who are unable to independently perform treatments or have limited support at home with Local Health Integrated Network nursing agencies to support patients at home with the machine set up and therapy initiation. 


How to access Home Dialysis Services
Home Dialysis Unit
Humber River Clinics
200 Church St. Toronto, ON M1N 1N8

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tel: (416) 658-2264
Fax: (416) 658-2265

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