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The Interview Process 



Step 1: Human Resources Telephone Screen 

The Human Resources telephone screen is conducted to determine if you have the required qualifications needed to perform the duties of the job. It includes a brief review of your employment history and a list of questions designed to validate skills, experience, values, salary expectations, availability to work and employment eligibility. At Humber River Hospital, this is the first step of the formal candidate selection process and the results will determine if the candidate progresses to Step 2, The Hiring Manager Interview




Step 2: Hiring Manager Interview

The hiring manager interview is more in-depth with a focus on probing technical, clinical and behavioural skills relating directly to the position. The Hiring Manager will want a brief summary of your work experience that highlights you can do the job well. They will ask questions that demonstrates your skills, attributes and knowledge of the position. The Hiring Manager will also assess your values, fit to the role and overall fit to the Humber River Hospital culture.   


Helpful Tips:


  •  Use the Hiring Manager interview to solicit information on the job and performance expectations
  • Conduct research and learn about the key priorities as outlined in the Strategic Plan 
  • Be familiar with the Humber River Hospital values (Compassion, Professionalism and Respect)




Step 3: Peer Interview

The peer interview is the final step of the Humber River Hospital interview process. The panel is comprised of peer equivalents, the Hiring Manager, Human Resources and in some cases, members of the Senior Management Team. The panel are employees who will routinely interact with the person chosen to fill the position so they have a vested interest in hiring the right individual for the job. They will evaluate job related competencies, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, motivation, professionalism, team fit and overall alignment with our values. 


Helpful Tips:


  • Get the peer members of the panel to provide an overview of a 'day-in-the-life' of this position
  • Use the panel to outline the Interdisciplinary working environment and overall culture
  • Keep your response short and answer questions using the EAR Model (Event, Actions, Results) 
  • Ask the members of the panel what they value most about working at Humber River Hospital 



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