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Fully digital Humber River Hospital opens in Toronto

With the opening of the new Humber River Hospital over the weekend, Toronto is now home to North America’s first “fully digital” medical facility.

On Sunday, about 350 inpatients were transferred from the old hospital near Keele Street and Finch Avenue West, to the new facility.

The new Humber Hospital, located near Wilson Avenue and Keele Street, is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment that was designed to improve patient care.

The hospital features everything from automated kiosks, where patients can enter their information, to robotic arms that administer medication.

The facility also uses a digital management system that counts, organizes, and checks the expiration dates of all the drugs at the hospital to make sure patients aren’t getting the wrong treatment.

Each of the hospital’s 650 beds are supplied with touchpads from which patients can access their medical chart, adjust the room, temperate, and even make phone calls.

Robots also deliver supplies like linens and food to patients’ beds.

Construction for the hospital began in 2011.

automated guided vehicles 

Delivery robots move down a hallway of the Humber River Hospital in Toronto. 

This article first appeared on CTV's website. See more photos there.

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