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Patient Representative

A hospital can be a confusing and distressing place for patients and their families. To help patients, families and hospital staff with inquiries, compliments or concerns, we have added the service of a Patient Representative. This staff member has a primary responsibility to you, and an obligation to let you know of your rights and responsibilities, and assist on your behalf.

Our Patient Representative works as a link between patients, families and hospital staff. They can direct you to the person(s) in charge of your care or the care of your family member or friend. They will ensure that patient and family needs are heard and given full consideration, will explain hospital regulations and procedures, and provide patients and families with feedback on follow-up, actions taken and results. This service is a valuable way to help the organization improve in ways that are important to patients and their families.

The Patient Representative can be contacted at (416) 242-1000 x82256.

Patient Care Reinvented.