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Patient Safety Initiatives
Delivering high quality patient care safely is a strategic priority at Humber River Hospital. Here are a few of the safety initiatives that we have implemented across our organization.

Falls Prevention


At Humber River Hospital, identification of patients at risk to fall begins in the Emergency Department and extends throughout the hospital. Communication tools play a major role in ensuring that a patient can be identified as being at risk to fall. For example, the Emergency Department places a Falls poster on the patient's stretcher to facilitate communication as the patient transitions between departments. In inpatient areas, the Falls poster is placed above the head of the patient's bed. Patients and their families have access to literature on falls so that they can participate in reducing the risk of injury from a fall for themselves or their loved one.

Our Falls Prevention Program has been cited by Accreditation Canada as a leading practice!

Hand Hygiene


Hand Hygiene (HH) is a major strategy for decreasing hospital acquired infections. At Humber River Hospital, ensuring that health care providers maintain strict hand hygiene is a key patient safety focus.

In 2007, HRH began tracking HH compliance rate using Centre for Disease Control (CDC) audit tool. In 2008, the Provincial Just Clean Your Hands program was introduced and was quickly adopted by the organization.

The effort to increase adherence to the 4 moments of hand hygiene involved a strong senior management support, support of physician-leaders and collaboration among Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC), decision-support, and frontline healthcare providers, patients and visitors to create a culture that recognize the HH as the most important patient safety initiatives.

Admitted patients receive a Hand Hygiene Educational pamphlet on admission to HRH and "How to be a Good Visitor Pamphlet". The education material encourages patients and visitors not only to clean hands but also remind healthcare providers to perform hand hygiene. All educational material has clear pictorial demonstration of proper hand hygiene technique.

Patient Safety Briefings


At Humber River Hospital, patient safety is everyone's responsibility. Since 2007, patient care areas participate in twice weekly Patient Safety Briefings involving input from all staff including RN's, RPN's, allied staff and clerical associates. Champions in patient care areas (usually the nurse in charge of the unit) are trained to bring together healthcare workers for 5 to 10 minutes twice weekly to bring forward patient safety issues that are then forwarded to managers for consideration. Briefings are conducted in both inpatient and outpatient areas.

Patient Safety Briefings provide front-line staff the opportunity to share information about patient safety concerns on an ongoing weekly basis. Safety Briefings helps increase staff awareness of patient safety issues, creates an environment in which staff can share information without fear of reprisal and integrate the reporting of patient safety issues into daily activities. Proactively identifying patient safety concerns allows the implementation of corrective measures to reduce preventable patient harm. Over time, safety briefings help create a culture of safety, reduce the risk of adverse events, and improve quality of care.
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