Clinic Moves

Dear Patient and Caregivers,

Please kindly note these location change of the following clinics between Feb.27 – Mar. 10:

February 27:

  • Paediatric Surgery (4th floor) -> Outpatient Paediatric Clinic (4th floor)

March 1:

  • Urgent Medical Care Centre (4th floor) -> Respiratory & Neurodiagnostics (1st floor)
  • Stroke Prevention Clinic and Neurology Urgent Care Clinic (4th floor) -> Cardiology (1st floor)
  • Diabetes Education Clinic (4th floor) -> Health Living Clinic (1st floor)

March 6:

  • Surgical Pre-Screening (1st floor) -> Medical/Surgical Clinics (4th floor)

Should you have any questions with the above changes, please kindly contact your clinic for further information.  Thank you for your patience during this transition.