North Toronto Ontario Health Team Moves Forward

By Humber River Hospital

Humber River Hospital, along with 13 partner organizations, was one of the 31 teams who recently received approval from the Ministry of Health to move forward with the development of an Ontario Health Team (OHT).

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Health announced the formation of as many as 50 OHTs across the province that would report to a central agency called Ontario Health.  As part of a team of 13 partner organizations, we submitted our North Toronto OHT Self-Assessment, expressing our interest to collaborate and deliver integrated and coordinated care for North Toronto.

The Ministry received more than 150 applications from interested teams across Ontario. 31 teams met the Ministry’s evaluation criteria to submit a full application as a next step to becoming an Ontario Health Team.

The North Toronto OHT Partners include:

Primary Care

  • Humber River Family Health Team
  • Black Creek Community Health Centre
  • Unison Health and Community Services


Secondary Care/Emergency/Lab & DI/Midwifery

  • Humber River Hospital


Rehabilitation and Complex Care

  • Runnymede Healthcare Centre
  • West Park Healthcare Centre


Home and Community Support Services

  • SE Health
  • Lumacare


Mental Health and Addictions

  • LOFT Community Services
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Toronto Branch
  • COTA
  • Addiction Services for York Region


Residential Long Term Care and Community Services

  • Villa Colombo Toronto


About OHTs:

Ontario Health Teams are groups of providers and organizations that are clinically and fiscally accountable for delivering a full and coordinated continuum of care to a defined geographic population. OHTs represent an opportunity to better align clinical services to provide care across the patient’s entire care continuum including:

  • Integrated care and seamless transitions;
  • 24/7 access to system navigation services and care;
  • Improved performance linked to Quadruple Aim;
  • Reinvest into frontline care; and,
  • A digital first approach enabling patient and provider access to health information and virtual care.


The “Quadruple Aim” is an internationally-recognized framework that designs and delivers an effective health care system. The four objectives of the Quadruple Aim are:

  1. Improving the patient and caregiver experience;
  2. Improving the health of populations;
  3. Reducing the per capita cost of health care; and,
  4. Improving the work life of providers.


All health care providers will ultimately belong to an OHT and will be responsible to deliver full and coordinated care to their defined geographic population. Stay tuned for more information.