Quality Improvement

Accelerated Critical Care Certificate Program

Preparing New Graduate Nurses through an Accelerated Critical Care Certificate Program (ACCCP)

Operationalizing a Nursing Student-Led Accreditation Audit Program

Implementing a Pharmacy-led Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) and Nursing Collaborative Model

Combine Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) with Documentation Optimization (DocOpt) to Improve Processes

Supporting Documentation using Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) Post-Fall Clinical Panel

Enhancing an Electronic Status Board to Support Nurses in Providing Safe and Quality Patient Care

Re-Energizing Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) Champions Using a BPSO Workshop

The Clinician Screening Interview (CSI) Tool: Evaluating Clinician Experience Engaging With Patients

Improve Discharge Planning: Redesigning Bullet Rounds and Implementing a Patient Manager Software

Implementing Standards-Based Documentation to Optimize Electronic Nursing Documentation

Move to Improve – Increasing Early Mobility in Critically Ill Patients at Humber River Health (HRH)

Digitizing Processes – Transitioning the Safety Huddle Template from Paper to Electronic

Building Ethics Capacity at Humber River Health (HRH)

Reducing Nursing Vacancies at Humber River Health through the use of the Student Model

Reimagining Induction of Labour Booking Process through Standardization

Upskilling Urinary Catheterization Nursing Skills to Reduce Urethral Catheter Injury (UCI)

Intrapleural Thrombolytics for the Treatment of Pleural Infection Patients at Humber River Health

Utilizing Meditech Group Notes for Electronic Documentation of Diabetes Education Classes

Opioid Stewardship: Improving and Monitoring Opioid Usage Following Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Promoting Patient-Centred Care by Acknowledging and Responding to Patient and Family Concerns

Post Discharge Call Centre to Conduct Patient Experience Survey and Improve Response Rates

Engaging Corporate Patient Family Advisory Council (CPFAC) Members to Promote Patient-Centred Care

Transitioning Acute Care to Community Care by Implementing a Virtual-Based Postpartum Support Group

Optimizing Management of Hip Fractures in Humber River Health’s (HRH) Emergency Department (ED)

Development and Results of a Patient Satisfaction Tool for the Reactivation Care Centres

Meditech Messaging/Task Functionality to Improve Interdisciplinary Communication and Reporting

Developing a Required Organizational Practice (ROP) Audit Program at Humber River Health (HRH)

Using a Stakeholder Mapping Activity to Increase Engagement with the Interprofessional Team

Implementing a Stepped Care Model (SCM) to Match Patients to Outpatient Mental Health Services

A Multimodal Approach to Improve the Management of Stroke Patients

Electronic Tools to Facilitate Transfer of Accountability (TOA) at Humber River Health (HRH)

Operationalizing a 3rd Year Nursing Student-Run COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Campaign

Implementing a Virtual Orientation Process to Increase Nursing Student Placement Opportunities

Implementation of a Multi-Year Strategic Nursing Workforce Planning at Humber River Health (HRH)

Providing Continuity of Care for University Students with Mental Health Concerns