Maternal & Child Care

Humber River Health’s Maternal and Child Program is proud to offer excellent care to women, newborns, children and their families through a full-range of services and facilities that promote our patient and family-centered approach. Our award-winning, multidisciplinary team of providers is committed to creating a quality patient experience for our families through professionalism, compassion and respect.

Over 4,500 babies are born at Humber River Health each year. Our team is dedicated to providing expecting mothers with the best possible experience and care during and after pregnancy.

Thousands of expecting, growing and young families put their trust in us every day. Our team and facilities are designed to provide a wide-range of services to support your comfort and health across your entire pregnancy.

Our integrated healthcare services are designed to support families and their children across life’s journey. Our team provides prenatal as well as postpartum wellness services as well as a range of services for children and adolescents. When you select Humber River Health, you are picking more than just a place to have your baby – you are joining our family of lifelong support and care.


  • Our private, single rooms encourage and allow parents and families to stay with their baby or child 24/7.
  • We offer personalized plans of care to accommodate the cultural diversity of our community.
  • Our onsite clinics and medical partnerships within the community extend our care, providing you with the best possible care and support.
  • Humber River is North America’s most technology-advanced regional hospital

What to Expect

  • A family-centered environment with services and facilities that promote our patient and family-centered approach to care.
  • A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team of dedicated care providers.
  • Our digital Command Centre integrates directly with the Maternal and Child Program enhancing care and providing real-time monitoring and support to our staff so, they can deliver tailored care experiences directly to our patients.