Mental Health & Addictions

Welcome to Humber River Health where we provide Mental Health & Addictions Services to our diverse community. Mental Health and Addiction affect each person differently and our team is dedicated to treating all our patients with compassion and respect.

Our interdisciplinary team provides inclusive and full-service Mental Health and Addiction care for adults and children in our community. We are focused on improving our patient’s quality of life by supporting their individual needs.

In our community, people reach out every day for mental health and addiction services. That is why Humber River Health is designed to provide comprehensive and inclusive Mental Health and addiction services to meet the needs of our diverse community. Our focus is having an inclusive and full-service program that provides programs and services for adults and children. Our patient’s well-being is a priority for us which is why we focus on helping individuals improve their quality of life and reintegrate into the community.
Our multidisciplinary mental health team is made up of experienced professionals that are patient-focused and committed to providing dignified care. Our team is always looking to provide the highest quality of care which is why we regularly train through our affiliation with Queen’s University and the University of Toronto.


  • Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is here to support our diverse communities’ mental health and addiction needs.
  • Our in-hospital and medical partnerships extend our services and help us provide the best care possible.
  • Our focus is on patient well-being and quality of life which is why a big focus of our program is discharge and re-integration
  • We want to make sure that you receive care when you need it which is why our emergency psychiatric unit offers 24/7 emergency services to support individuals with emergency mental health concerns

What to Expect

  • Our Emergency Psychiatric Unit provides high-quality and timely emergency mental health services with a 4-bed unit
  • We offer Outpatient and day programs for our child adolescent patients or adult patients.
  • Our Inpatient unit has the capacity to hold child adolescent or adult patients