Schulich Family Medicine Teaching Unit

Schulich Family Medicine Teaching Unit is an academic family medicine clinic, located inside the Humber River Health, Wilson Site.

This family medicine teaching unit (FMTU) is affiliated with the University of Toronto – Department of Family and Community Medicine, and is a core training site for family medicine residents, medical students, and inter-professional health care students. Patients of this clinic are provided high quality primary care, and learners are trained in a socially accountable, community based program. Schulich Family Medicine Teaching Unit provides primary care for unattached patients in the Humber River Health community.


  • Provide a place for unattached patients of the Humber River Health community (those who do not have a family doctor) to access comprehensive family medicine care.
  • Provide high quality training to future family doctors, with the hope that they will establish their practices in our community.
  • Improve management of chronic conditions, preventative care, and early diagnosis of acute medical conditions.

What to Expect

  • Provision of care that fosters respect and dignity.
  • Transparency and accountability with patients.
  • A comfortable environment for patients to voice their own health care choices.
  • Appreciation of diversity and acceptance of each patient for who they are.

After Hours and Weekend Care:

You can access the after-hours/weekend clinic by visiting: or calling the After Hours Clinic Information Line: (647) 288-1006.

The Schulich Family Medicine Teaching Unit is the sixth site of the Humber River Family Health Organization (HR-FHO), a group of clinics that shares a common electronic medical record, and provides after hours and weekend care to FHO patients. We ask that you seek care at one of our associated after hours clinics, rather than walk-in clinics. This will ensure continuity in your care as your primary care provider will be updated on your condition(s) and test result(s) by the after hours clinic.