Patient & Family Advisors

We need your help

Humber River Health is committed to working together to deliver innovative and compassionate healthcare in our community. We are looking to recruit Patient and Family Advisors to join our team as partners in improving care.

Seeking patients, caregivers, friends & family

We are looking for former or current patients, caregivers or friends of patients who are receiving or have received health care services at Humber River Health. At Humber we value compassion, professionalism and respect and are seeking individuals with these qualities.

How to apply

If you are interested, please complete the application form below. If you require support to fill in the application please connect with Amanpreet Ghuman, Manager of Quality and Patient Safety at

What to expect

We are looking for a commitment of one hour a month. We appreciate the value of your time and are flexible in our approach supporting both virtual and in-person activities. Potential activities that need your feedback and direction include:

  • Sharing your feedback and ideas on how to improve the quality and safety of care, in partnership with frontline healthcare workers;
  • Advising on how to improve the patient and family experience;
  • Sharing stories about your healthcare experiences in training sessions for nurses, physicians and other hospital staff;
  • Providing input on how to improve policies, care and hiring practices;
  • Providing feedback on the usability of technology, supports and services.

Why support Humber

Humber River Health is committed to exceptional care and building a healthier community. Humber River Health is North America’s first fully digital hospital, has just launched Canada’s first Command Centre and is recognized as leading within patient satisfaction for Community Hospitals in Ontario.

Thank you for helping us to deliver innovative and compassionate healthcare in our community.