Code Grey- Update #2

By Humber River Hospital

We are continuing to work through our Code Grey with a process of methodically bringing our systems back online.  This work has to be done carefully to ensure no further corruption.

In terms of some specifics of activity, we have deployed a newly developed Symantec patch which we are in the process of rolling out to the more than 3,000 computers in the hospital.  Stickers are being placed on all computers to let people know if the computer is clean or corrupt.  We will provide further guidance in the next few days on when computers are ready to be used.

We have brought some of our business systems online to ensure continuity of business processes such as payroll, pension, stipends, etc.  We have pulled in additional IT resources from partner hospitals that have gone through similar viruses to help us.

Over the next few days, if our current progress continues, we anticipate several systems coming back online.  Until such time, our downtime procedures remain in effect.  We are working as a team to revise existing processes, rethink what work is critical to continue at this moment versus what can be reprioritized for a later point.  We are also beginning to think about what recovery might look like and what resources and work might need to be completed as we get back to a point of being completely online.

Patient care remains our top priority.  Our Humber River Hospital team – our staff, physicians, and volunteers continue to provide exceptional patient care under challenging circumstances.  We are grateful to our team for their ongoing commitment to our patients and our community. We will provide further updates on our progress as the situation evolves and will announce formally when the Code Grey is over.

We know that communication has been challenging during this period and we are trying to think of ways to get this messaging to all of you.  Please distribute this memo widely.

In the meantime, we are sharing a recent radio interview of our CEO, Barb Collins where she discusses our current situation.

For more information, contact:

Joe Gorman

Director of Public Affairs

T: (416)949-6316