Humber Reveals COVID Wall of Fame

By Chiara Marcello

On July 13, 2023, Humber River Health revealed their COVID Wall of Fame, generously donated by Terry and Mary Jo Leon.

The COVID Wall of Fame is a permanent showcase within the Hospital, comprised of engraved names of the staff, physicians and volunteers who worked tirelessly during the pandemic between March 17, 2020 to May 9, 2022.

According to Toronto Public Health, Humber’s Northwestern Toronto community experienced the highest burden of COVID-19. During this time, Humber provided care to 4,000 inpatients admitted with the virus and provided 123,000 COVID lab tests for patients.

“We accepted the challenge and faced it head on,” explained Barb Collins, President and CEO of Humber River Health, “and I couldn’t be more proud of every individual who played a role in providing great care, despite their own anxieties, the daily changing information, and the increasing isolation from their families.”

Made from brushed aluminum metal and located on the main floor of Humber’s Wilson Hospital, the wall recognizes the commitment of our outstanding staff, physicians, and volunteers in helping our patients, community, and each other during such a challenging time.


The COVID Wall of Fame serves as a reminder for the resilience displayed by our staff, physicians, and volunteers in conquering the intense, unpredictable healthcare demands presented to them over the past few years.

“[The staff, physicians, and volunteers at Humber River Health] gave comfort and care to our community in a time when many of us could do very little,” stated Terry Leon. “We hope [this display] serves as a small reminder of the gratitude we feel in our hearts for [their] ability to make us feel good about the human spirit, especially during a very difficult time for us all.”

This display is one of the ways we are able to show our appreciation for the compassion our teams brought to patients throughout COVID-19, and the dedication they continue to display in delivering integrated care and Lighting New Ways in Healthcare everyday.



To all the staff, physicians, and volunteers at Humber River Health, thank you for all you do!