Paging All The Doctors

By Humber River Health

The physicians at Humber River Health hold a Doctor of Medicine, or Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree, which is required to practice as a healthcare physician. However, many of the staff at Humber have also committed their time and work efforts to pursuing a Doctoral degree, the highest degree that can be obtained at an academic level.

Below, you will get to know some of our dedicated Doctoral degree holders in our “Paging All The Doctors” series and learn about the advice they have for those looking to further their academics.


Dr. Mike Heenan

Executive Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Services, and Chief of People

About Dr. Mike Heenan


Dr. Marnina Norys

Clinical and Organizational Ethicist

About Dr. Marnina Norys



Dr. Peter Voros

Vice President of Clinical Programs

About Dr. Peter Voros



Dr. Abhimanyu Sud

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Dr. Pete Wegier

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Dr. Kirsten Ellison

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Dr. Yasmin Lalani

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Dr. Krutika Joshi

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