Command Centre: Improving Patient Safety

By Chiara Marcello

The Command Centre at Humber River Health is a centralized operating system that uses data collected throughout the Hospital to make real-time, accurate, and informed decisions. This innovative technology, along with a team of dedicated and trained staff, work together to drive better outcomes for patients and create a more data-driven culture.

The Command Centre has become the central point for all of Humber’s core functions and has resulted in a myriad of evidence-based benefits for everyone. More specifically, many of the existing benefits have a direct focus on improving patient safety.

Capacity increases

Within the first year of the Command Centre’s implementation, Humber created a capacity increase of 35 net new beds. By increasing the Hospital’s capacity by five per cent within one year, it quickly eliminated the need for temporary beds in non-clinical areas and alleviated wait times in the Apotex Emergency Department, as well as for treatment by allied health professionals, such as Physio and Occupational Therapists.

Through capacity increases, Hospital operations and quality of care is improved. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Patient Experience Survey results, 87 per cent of patients say they would recommend Humber as a place to receive care. Patients are effectively treated at a faster rate, decreasing their time in the Hospital and increasing their ability to receive safe and timely care.

More time with patients

The workflow and process changes implemented through the Command Centre make tangible differences in the ability to best serve patients. In addition to shorter wait times to be treated, the Command Centre has also decreased wait times for diagnostic results through better and faster workflow processes. This results in more time for staff and physicians to spend with their patients to implement a more personalized and compassionate care journey.

According to the CIHI Patient Experience Survey results, 89 per cent of our patients experienced excellent communication with doctors, which is 14 per cent higher than the provincial and national averages. Through greater one-to-one interactions, staff and physicians ensure that their patients always feel safe and supported through what can be a complex and challenging experience.

Better patient outcomes

The Command Centre is comprised of tools and tiles that help produce actionable data for healthcare providers to better generate high-level solutions and outcomes for patients. The Command Centre collects data to enhance both operational and clinical decision-making for frontline workers. Real-time and immediate feedback is made available for clinical staff, as well as alerts for necessary actions.

According to the CIHI Patient Experience Survey results, Humber had nearly 66% fewer cases of hospital harm than the provincial average. With more accurate results and faster decision-making processes, Humber has experienced a decrease in Code Blue calls, sepsis incidents, patient falls, pressure sores, birthing trauma rates, and more. The Command Centre allows continuous opportunities to improve the empowerment and safety of patients.


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