Humber’s Going Green

By Chiara Marcello

As the first fully digital hospital in North America, Humber River Health (Humber) was constructed to embody a lean, green, and digital design, allowing the Hospital to focus on efficiency and improving patient care.

Last year, Health Care Without Harm named Humber a 2023 Health Care Climate Action Winner. We proudly received the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care’s prestigious, silver-level Green Hospital Scorecard Award, naming Humber the Green Hospital of the Year in their Academic Peer Group Category.

At Humber, we are committed to reducing healthcare’s climate footprint through innovation and education.

Our journey toward becoming the most environmentally friendly hospital that we can be continues at our Church Campus. Our Church Campus actively engages in initiatives that lead to greener and more efficient operations. Some of their most recent achievements include:

  • Generating a five per cent energy reduction according to the 2023 Greening Health Care Annual Report.
  • Successfully implementing MRI Angus, a computerized maintenance management program. The system is utilized to perform predictive maintenance, which allows HRH to ensure equipment runs at optimal efficiency, reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, it assists in the extending the lifecycle of equipment through proper maintenance, which reduces the need for frequent replacements, decreasing resource consumption and waste.
  • Undergoing building automation system upgrades to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of facility operations.
  • Converting a parking area into green space for patient gardens.

Achieving these successes would not be possible without the hard work of our Church Campus’ dedicated Maintenance Team, which include:

Brian Bawn

Brian Bawn is a Locksmith / Carpenter on the Engineering Maintenance Team who has worked at Humber for 43 years. Brian is a skilled tradesperson who maintains and repairs the building infrastructure, installs, adjusts and repairs building door hardware, and assists in maintaining building security.

Tony Pelullo

Tony Pelullo is the Maintenance Mechanic Lead Hand on the Engineering Maintenance Team and has worked at Humber for 39 years. Tony is responsible for overseeing the Church Maintenance Team and coordinating weekly workflow.

Tony works and collaborates with all our contractors to ensure all mechanical and electrical systems operate as per design. He also assists with redevelopment projects, liaisons with trades and internal stakeholders, and mentors onboarding staff.

Bruce Cain

Bruce Cain is a part-time Maintenance Mechanic who has worked at Humber for ten years.

Bruce operates and maintains the Building Automation System to ensure all HVAC and building cooling equipment systems are operating smoothly. Bruce also conducts equipment testing and HVAC adjustments to maintain a comfortable building environment, as well as mentors onboarding staff.

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen is a Groundskeeper who has worked at Humber for six years.

Chris is responsible for maintaining the exterior grounds, patient gardens and residential homes that surround the property, as well as completing regular exterior safety inspections.

Asli Romm

Asli Romm is a Maintenance Planner responsible for coordinating external contractors to ensure preventative maintenance schedules are compliant and completed within a timely manner.

Asli also manages MRI Angus to ensure the internal maintenance schedule is addressed on a weekly basis, as well as provides monthly updates to Facility Operations Committee on productivity.

Photographed (no order): Brian Bawn, Tony Pelullo, Bruce Cain, Chris Hansen, Asli Romm

Other members of the Maintenance Operations Team who have tremendously contributed to the above achievements of our Church Campus include Brian Montgomery, Filipe Mendes, Rob Peters, Sarbjit Ghai, Stanley Apusiobi, Suranjan Fernando, and Tony Kostov.


By working together to successfully implement such initiatives, we are able to run our Church Campus optimally while providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

Church Campus Maintenance Team

At Humber, we are part of the global community of healthcare institutions leading the transformation to climate-smart healthcare, protecting the future of health of our community, environment, and planet.