Our People

By Humber River Health

At Humber River Health, success wouldn’t be possible without one crucial element: its people. With 5,194 employees and physicians across three locations, the organization prioritizes taking care of its own, and has long fostered transparency and open communication. In fact, Humber was chosen as one of Greater Toronto’s top employers by The Globe and Mail for 2024.

“Our values – compassion, professionalism and respect – are the foundation of everything we do here,” notes Carol Hatcher, Executive Vice President, Chief Nursing Executive and Chief of Clinical Programs at Humber. “We’re a team-based organization, very collaborative and non-hierarchical. That’s what makes us unique.”

Carol Hatcher

Keeping communication open

That lack of hierarchy is evident when you see Humber’s President and CEO, Barb Collins, walking through the hospital’s hallways. She’s known for her humility, stopping to chat with anyone she passes to better understand their work and how she can support them.

Collins holds multiple monthly forums with different leadership teams to discuss ideas and challenges, as well as a “President’s forum,” to which all Humber staff are invited.

One of the fundamental aspects of Humber’s culture is the relationship built between its teams. This collaboration is what allows the hospital to continuously innovate, notes Hatcher. “The majority of ideas are generated from the ground up.”

Radiology Technologists

Moving up the ranks

Humber recognizes the importance of supporting and nurturing a strong internal workforce, which means providing growth opportunities wherever possible. Staff in entry-level positions can take advantage of upskilling opportunities (courses for career advancement), and there are a variety of professional development opportunities available, along with defined career pathways for certain occupations.

“Many clinicians come into the workforce as general practitioners, but after gaining experience want to move into higher-level positions. For example, a general-level nurse might want to transition to Critical Care, which would require an added skill set and certification,” explains Hatcher. “This offering has also proven a good recruitment and retention strategy for Humber as we support transitions from novice to expert.”

“It goes back to the culture of Humber,” Hatcher adds. “We want to embrace all of our staff and encourage them to stay with us.”


  • 794 physicians
  • 496 volunteers
  • 43 clinics and departments
  • 850,000+ residents in Humber’s catchment area
  • 50 years: longest-serving employee at Humber
  • 2,900 clinical staff members
  • 1,500 ancillary and support staff


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