Home Peritoneal Dialysis Clinic

The Home Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Clinic is an outpatient program designed to facilitate the delivery of medical and multidisciplinary care to patients on peritoneal dialysis.

The Clinic has a large team of nephrologists (kidney specialists), nurses and allied professionals caring for more than 90 home dialysis patients.

The Clinic has private training rooms to support the education and training of new patients and a large support area to manage the episodic care needs of patients on home PD.

Peritoneal dialysis is a form of dialysis that works inside your body to remove waste and extra fluid. A small flexible tube (PD catheter) is used to allow fluid in and out of your belly. Part of the tube stays inside your belly and the other part is outside your body. Dialysis solution flows into your belly through the small flexible tube and is then later drained. The tube is easily hidden by your clothes.

The benefits of PD include that it is easy to learn and flexible to suit your lifestyle, which can include travel. This form of therapy liberalizes your food choices and requires no invasive procedures. You, or a caregiver, will be able to perform the treatments independently in the comfort of your home. Treatment supplies are delivered right to your home.

Patients have a better quality of life and health outcomes on peritoneal dialysis compared to conventional dialysis.

How to access Home Peritoneal Dialysis

Referral by a physician is required.