Orthopaedic surgery

The Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at Humber River Health is one of the largest and busiest in Ontario. In addition to performing over 1,600 hip and knee replacements annually, they provide comprehensive sport, upper extremity and foot and ankle care. They run four elective operating rooms and a dedicated trauma surgery room Monday to Friday.

The division has a culture of innovation, collaboration and clinical excellence. They pioneered the anterior hip replacement technique in the GTA and have embraced the use of rapidly developing technology to enhance surgical precision and patient outcomes. Robotic assisted navigation for knee replacements using ROSA, Intellijoint navigation for hip replacements, and 3-D modelling for shoulder and ankle replacements are helping to constantly raise the standard of orthopaedic care in Canada.

Advanced regional blocks and home-based analgesia developed by our colleagues in the department of anaesthesia, has allowed our patients to go home the same day, even for joint replacement surgery. This has greatly enhanced patient satisfaction, reduced demand for narcotics, and promoted earlier mobility with rapid return to work and leisure activities.

The trauma service is unique within Toronto. No other hospital has an operating room that is dedicated to orthopaedic trauma surgery on a daily basis. This allows the Hospital to provide our community with timely, predictable and expert trauma care.