Plastic & reconstructive surgery clinic

The Division of Plastic Surgery at Humber River Health provides care to a large volume of patients in both the Hospital catchment area and throughout southern Ontario. Areas of expertise within the division include breast reconstruction and lymphedema surgery, hand and upper extremity surgery, microsurgery, skin cancer reconstruction and aesthetic surgery.

The team works collaboratively with colleagues in general surgery and oncology to provide care for breast cancer patients. Immediate and delayed breast reconstruction is available to patients using implant or pedicle flap techniques. An intra-operative imaging device is used to assess blood flow within the skin which helps us optimize the result following immediate breast reconstruction. Our centre is one of the few that offers lymphedema surgery. This microsurgical program continues to grow and referrals are received from a wide catchment area, including other provinces.

Our hand and upper extremity surgeons treat patients with arthritic conditions, traumatic injuries, sport related injuries, peripheral nerve problems and soft tissue tumours. Wrist surgery, including arthroscopy and ligament reconstruction is performed. We are one of the highest volume centres in Ontario to treat patients using the WALANT technique (Wide Awake Local Anesthetic No Tourniquet). Our well-established minor surgery pathway allows patients to have surgery while awake under local anesthetic. Benefits for patients include quicker access to surgery, avoiding the risks and side effects associated with general anesthetic, shorter time in the Hospital and immediate access to hand therapy. We are fortunate to have a group of hand therapists working directly with us in clinic who help us achieve the best result for our patients.

Our division treats a high volume of patients with skin cancer. Most skin cancer excision and reconstructions are performed in minor surgery under local anesthetic. Reconstructive techniques include local flaps or skin grafts. We have expanded our minor surgery capacity over the past several years and this has allowed us to treat a larger volume of skin cancer patients.

Aesthetic surgery is offered at Humber River Health. Our surgeons have expertise in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and other body areas. This expertise includes post-bariatric skin reduction surgery. The Hospital has a large bariatric program. We see patients who have gone through this program and have lost a significant amount of weight and request skin reduction surgery. Our surgeons treat a significant volume of weight loss patients with few complications and high patient satisfaction.