Delivering prescriptions to the bedside to improve patient care

By Humber River Hospital

Planning for hospital discharge can be a stressful time for patients, caregivers and families. As a patient, you may be leaving the hospital with a prescription for a new medication to aid in your recovery — and the last thing you want to do is make a stop on your way home.

Humber River Hospital and Rexall Pharmacy have partnered to launch a new Meds to Beds program to help bridge the gap for patients transitioning home by offering them an option to have their medication delivered to their bedside before leaving the hospital.

The free prescription delivery service makes medication pick-up convenient, seamless and easy.

“We’re excited to launch the Meds to Beds program at Humber River Hospital in partnership with Rexall Pharmacy to enhance patient-centered care and provide an added level of convenience for patients,” says Albert Karas, Director of Pharmacy Services at Humber River Hospital. “We’re pleased to be working with Rexall as a community partner and together, we are able to provide this enhanced service.”

How it Works

Patients transitioning from hospital care to home care can choose to have their medication delivered to their bedside by Rexall Ambassadors.

How to Join

Patients will need to provide consent in order to use this service and provide their current pharmacy information.   Their discharge prescription(s) will then be sent to the Rexall Pharmacy on the main floor of the hospital.

If you need to pick up your prescription from the pharmacy instead, this can also be arranged.

The Meds to Beds program is an outpatient service, accepting most prescription insurance plans. For details, contact the pharmacy by phone at 416-248-5810 or email:

The pilot for the Meds to Beds program will be rolling out at the Hospital’s Wilson site in September 2019.