HRH’s Emergency Department is Safe to Visit

By Bridget Burling

How has the Emergency Department been affected by COVID-19?

“We have noticed that since COVID-19 has started, the number of patients with heart attacks and strokes has decreased. We know that this decrease is not because patients are not experiencing these conditions, but instead, they are having these conditions but not coming to the hospital, which is a concern for healthcare providers.

We are providing a safe visiting environment for our patients and family members. We encourage them to come to the emergency department to provide care and ensure their safety.”

– Leo Zhu, Emergency Department Manager

Safety precautions in place:

  • Increased touch surface cleaning; the emergency department has added additional housekeepers.

  • The wait rooms are monitored to maintain social distancing.

  • The staff wears PPE to protect themselves and the patients.

  • There is an updated Visitor Policy to connect patients with loved ones.

  • Masks are mandatory at HRH; please bring your own.

  • We provide hand sanitizing stations throughout the emergency department.

  • There are nurse screeners at the door of emergency to answer questions, screen everyone for symptoms, direct you to the best location and explain safety protocols.

  • HRH’s Emergency Department offers advanced air exchange (15 times per hour) in our highly digital building for our patient’s safety.

What HRH offers:

  • The Emergency Department added an extra physician in the evening to meet your needs.

  • Patient and Family Liaison are staff that can connect patients with families using an iPad.

  • HRH Emergency offers 24/7 Medical Imaging.

We want to take care of you. Come to HRH when needed.

The Emergency Department tends to be busier in the evenings, so if feasible, try to come earlier.