By Humber River Health

Fast and easy access to your medical imaging and reports online with PocketHealth!

Humber River Health patients can now view, store and instantly share their medical
imaging and reports with PocketHealth! With just a few clicks, securely access your
imaging records from anywhere, on any device.


  • Fast and easy access to your medical imaging records.
  • Easily understand complex terminology in your reports with Report Reader.
  • Instantly share your records with healthcare providers and loved ones.
  • Permanently store your records with bank-level encryption security
  • Your most important medical imaging information at your fingertips.

How to access your records:

  1. Go to pockethealth.com/hrh to request your records.
  2. Once your records are ready to view, you’ll receive an email from PocketHealth
    with a secure link.
  3.  Instantly download and share your records.
  4. Receiving physicians can then easily view or import these images in full diagnostic quality with no software or account set-up needed.

Have a question?
Please call PocketHealth directly at 1-855-381-8522 or email help@pocket.health
Are you a physician wanting to learn more about PocketHealth?
Visit pockethealth.com/referring-physician.