Measuring Health Equity Survey

By Humber River Health

Humber River Health (Humber) has launched the Measuring Health Equity Survey.

This voluntary survey is a crucial step towards improving the health outcomes of our diverse patient population. The survey is accessible to our patients through My Humber Health.

The confidential survey comprises of various questions touching on demographics like language, ethnicity, disability, gender, income, and more. Your information will be seen by your circle of care and treated with the same level of confidentiality as all other information you share.

Your answers will help us provide you with the care and information that meets your needs. For example, we can use that information to match you with services, programs, and resources you may not have been aware of.

The complexities and challenges of our ever-evolving society demand that we be more than just service providers. The diversity of our community is our strength and pride. It also brings to light the multifaceted health inequities that many face. The data will help us better understand our community, identify inequities, and work to ensure all our patients receive the safe and equitable care they deserve at Humber River Health.

We appreciate your role in helping us ensure everyone receives the innovative, safe, and equitable healthcare they deserve at Humber. We ask because we care.

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