Black History Month with Evelyn Twum

By Humber River Health

Evelyn Twum is a Patient Relations Representative who has been at Humber River Health since December 2022. This Black History Month, Evelyn shared her thoughts on what it means to celebrate Black history and culture, and the importance of recognizing diversity in our healthcare settings.


How do you celebrate Black History Month (BHM)? Why is it important to you?

I actively pursue self-education, immersing myself in our profound history. I take great pride in learning and valuing the remarkable contributions and achievements of Black individuals.

How do you demonstrate leadership in your day-to-day work?

Advocacy – Being an advocate for patient rights and well-being. Ensuring that patients receive the best care possible and are treated with dignity and respect.

Problem Solving – Demonstrating an ability to analyze situations, identify challenges and propose effective solutions.

Continuous Learning – Staying updated on the latest developments in healthcare and commit to ongoing professional development.

How do you think diversity in healthcare leadership impacts patient care and hospital culture?

I believe that patients often feel comfortable and trusting when they see healthcare leadership that reflects their own diversity. A diverse leadership team can better understand and respond to the unique healthcare challenges faced by different communities, fostering a sense of inclusivity.

Additionally, a diverse leadership team creates an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, which can enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. Healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds may feel more valued and motivated in an environment where leadership understands and appreciates their unique contributions.

What advice would you give to young Black professionals aspiring to pursue a career in healthcare?

Representation Matters! Recognize the value of your aspirations in healthcare. Your interest in joining the field contributes to creating a more diverse and representative healthcare workforce.

Healthcare is a vast field with various roles, from clinical to administrative. Find a role that aligns with your passion and your strengths.