HRH’s Sidewalk Delivery

By Bridget Burling

Humber River Hospital’s nurse Janelyn Buhong helped deliver a baby on the sidewalk outside of the hospital. On Thursday, May 21st, Janelyn, a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room, was told by another patient that a woman was in labour outside. When she arrived, the baby was already being born on the sidewalk. Janelyn came prepared with a wheelchair and rushed the newly delivered baby and the mother to the birthing unit.

Childbirth is not Janelyn’s speciality; she said, “I can do a liver transplant, but I have never delivered a baby.” Janelyn recalls an “adrenaline rush” as she pushed the woman and her newborn baby to the birthing unit. Janelyn is a newly hired employee and is still in the orientation phase. Since she does not work in the birthing unit, she had to navigate the hospital while trying to keep the parents calm and reassured. Thankfully she was able to find the room. The father of the baby was still able to cut the umbilical cord. The father was understandably “shaking while cutting the cord” and told Janelyn that this situation is “like a TV show.”

The new parents greatly appreciated Janelyn’s act of bravery. Janelyn said, “They were so thankful that they wanted to name their son after me.” She humbly remarked that although the situation was unusual, “any nurse would have done what I did if faced with the same situation.” Thankfully, the child, mother, and father are happy and healthy.