Thank You Dr. McMillin

By Humber River Hospital

Dr. Robert McMillin retired this past year. He had been with Humber for 64 years, his entire career. He graduated from medical school in 1954. It was the year of the first ever organ transplant. A great deal has changed since then.

“So many changes,” he says. “From a technology point of view, obviously. MRI machines. Laparoscopic surgery. That kind of thing. But even just the makeup of the hospital.”

When Dr. McMillin started at Humber as a general practitioner, there was a staff of 60. Mostly GPs. Just two surgeons. There was no OB/GYN, so he delivered babies himself. He delivered more than a thousand over the years.

In the early years. Dr. McMillin did his own casting on fractures, and assisted with all of his patients’ surgeries. He also visited every one of his patients in the hospital every day to offer support, including Christmas. He kept that habit until a bad leg in recent years made it impossible.

Dr. McMillin became Chief of Staff in 1965. He was at that time the youngest Chief of Staff of a hospital in Ontario, and he ended up, when he left the position in 1991, being the longest running.

“I loved my time as Chief of Staff. A great honour, and a chance to do great work. But more than anything, my entire career, I enjoyed practicing. I loved taking care of patients. That’s why the decision to retire a was hard. But it was time.”

Dr. Robert McMillin retires as the longest-working GP ever in Ontario. He’s not sure what the future holds, but more time spent with his seven children and 16 grandchildren is likely part of it.

“Dr. McMillin was a big part of the Humber team for a very long time, says Humber River Hospital President and CEO Barb Collins. “His patients and colleagues and friends here at the hospital will all miss him very much.