Shima Akbari: Women Inspiring Women

By Chiara Marcello

Women in Engineering Day is celebrated annually on June 23 to recognize the achievements, contributions, and leadership of women in the engineering industry. These women serve as role models and inspiration for the younger generations of women aspiring to pursue a career in engineering.

Shima Akbari is a biomedical engineering technologist who has been with Humber River Hospital for the past five years. As a biomedical technologist, Shima is responsible for undergoing safety inspections, repairs, and preventive maintenance on low to high-risk medical equipment within our Hospital.

Shima Akbari

Before launching her career, Shima developed a well-distinguished educational background to strengthen her skills and passion for the engineering industry. Shima earned her Diploma in Electronics from the Biomedical Engineering Technology program at Centennial College, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics in Germany.

Shima’s passion for engineering stemmed from her desire to think creatively during a time of ongoing social and technological changes. “If you like to question, explore, invent, discover, and create,” says Shima, “then engineering could be the ideal profession for you.”

Despite working in a primarily male-dominated profession, Shima has never experienced career-related challenges due to being a woman. “I work in a friendly environment where, yes, the majority of team members are men, but they have always been very professional and helpful towards their female colleagues,” mentions Shima.

To women and girls looking to pursue a career in engineering, Shima encourages you to seek out new opportunities and take risks. She stresses the importance of developing technology that inspires you without letting anyone or anything stand in your way.

Shima is grateful to be part of such an outstanding biomedical team at Humber River Hospital: “I am very grateful- I would not be where I am today without the support of my team members, management, and my family.”

To all women currently working in and looking to pursue a career in engineering, today is for you. Happy Women in Engineering Day!